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6:25AM – 6:55AM

This is an intensive effectual fervent thirty minutes prayer at the altar of God every Sunday morning before the main family service. It affords members the opportunity to come before the Lord in prayer with their burdens. It is a time of encounter with the power of God at the altar that is able to alter situations in the life of the believer.


7:00AM & 10:00AM

Sunday Services are moments where the infallible Word of God is preached and taught in spirit and power. These unique services are prayerfully and thoughtfully put together with you at the centre, so you can be blessed by it. Every service is interspersed with quality, spirit – filled breakthrough worship and praises, and congregational prayer. The Bible teaches us to be enthusiastic in our worship to the Lord. During worship, we clap, lift up our hands, shout, dance, sing and pray in the language of the Holy Spirit. These services are aimed at giving God undiluted praise and worship in an intense unrestricted atmosphere of deep communion and intimacy whilst preparing our hearts ready to receive the word of God. We invite you and yours to join us in worship and fellowship both in – person and online to any of our two services.


These are mid – week evening services designed to help the believer to be equipped and empowered through the word of God and other self – help seminars or programmes for the work of ministry and personal career advancements.




Without doubt, we believe that prayer is a powerful, potent and integral part and weapon of every believer. This is a prayer and intercessory service where we gather as a church before God to intercede for the body of Christ, nations of the world, our congregation as well as our personal needs, trusting on God’s faithfulness for the answers. This intense prophetic prayer meeting is preceded by our Covenant Day of fasting throughout the day which is opened to members and non – members alike. These meetings are characterised by the tangible presence of the Holy Spirit and manifestations of deliverances, healing, miracles, signs and wonders by the grace and power of God. We invite you and yours to join us in worship and fellowship both in – person and online.


We devote the last Sunday of every month to meet at the Lord’s Table believing God and His power to move supernaturally in our lives through the power of the Communion.

By faith, we eat the bread and drink the wine as symbols of the body and the blood of Christ, out of which we receive strength to overcome, new life to rise, healing for the body and redemption from sin.


The Youth Ministry is a safe space carefully designed to assist our teens grow their faith, character and relationship with God. It is led by a team of amazing, mentor-friendly and well-resourced facilitators, who are passionate about raising Christ – centred future generations. The Children’s Church is a beautiful partnership between parents and facilitators to develop the faith of these little ones through age – appropriate Bible stories, materials and other exciting activities.